Writing Center


The Writing Centre exists to help students improve written communication skills in English to help them become independent, efficient and confident writers.

What do we do?

Writing Centre Advisor/Graduate Tutor help you to understand your topic, refine your ideas, organize and structure material, check referencing, identify spelling or grammatical errors and add a touch of polish to your written work.

You can bring academic work such as assignments, essays and reports, as well as non-academic work as letters and resumes. The Writing Centre also caters to the needs of people not associated with the college by proof reading/ editing their work.

The Writing Centre has a full time Graduate Tutor who is available for tutoring during college hours.


Sessions at the Writing Centre offer every client individual attention and the Graduate Tutor come along side the client to give them personalized help.

During Sessions
We first examine macro issues:

- Brain Storming
- Help with understanding assignments
- Structuring and organizing material
- Referencing and citation

Next, we look at the micro issues:

- Paragraph and sentence construction
- Grammar and spelling mistakes

Advisor/Graduate Tutor at the Writing Centre will offer suggestions, but it is your responsibility to implement changes in your work to improve its quality. Advisor/ Graduate Tutor will also help you to develop self-learning skills.

Other Activities

Sessions at the Writing Centre offer every client individual attention and the Graduate Tutor come along side the client to give them personalized help.

I. Formal Activities

- Effective Written Communication Workshops: Helps students understand the purpose, audience, message and proper channels of written communication. Topics range from email etiquette to writing a press release.
- Essentials of Academic Writing Workshop: Aims to guide students in writing. Topics include brainstorming and research, structuring and bibliography.
- Resume Building Workshop: Enables students build a modern, relevant personalized resume.
- Bibliography and Avoiding Plagiarism Workshop: These workshops are designed to inculcate academic honesty and excellence.
- Other Custom-made Workshops: The Writing Centre works actively with other academic departments in the college to produce custom-made workshops as and required, to suit the needs of the respective department.
- Writing and Speaking Skills Courses: The Writing Centre conducts courses on Writing and Speaking Skills.

II. Informal Activities

- Panel Discussions
- Guest lectures on Research
- Short Story Writing competition
- Debate competition
- Writing Workshops
- Talk time- An informal conversation group that meets to discuss mutually chosen topics. The aim is to promote English speaking skills in the context of a small group.


Academic Writing
This course introduces students to basic concepts and conventions of Academic Writing. It focuses in Academic Essay Writing in the form of: Expository, argumentative and compare and contrast essays. The course includes modules on writing a paragraph, paraphrasing, summarizing and editing essays. The modules include the topics on developing coherent, compelling lines of argument as required to develop a student's thought process and writing skills.

Research Writing
The course aims to familiarize students with the fundamentals of research. Its focus is to integrate theoretical research knowledge with practical skills that helps students to undertake research. In this course students learn how to find, evaluate, and use data for research. In addition, students will improve the quality of their research writing through the study of published research work in the respective discipline areas.

Writing Centre Staff

- Esha Nadkarni- Advisor
- Anila K. P. - Graduate Tutor.

Contact Us

Writing Centre,
Student Support Services,
Computer Science Block, Top Floor Timing: 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday
Phone No: 0832-2722215
E-mail: writingcentre@chowgules.ac.in