Career and Personal counseling Center


The Career and Personal Counseling Centre provides quality career and personal counseling to students with a aim to increase their potential to acquire jobs and understand themselves better thereby contributing towards promoting their overall personal and social and academic development.

Role of CPCC

The centre provides students with care and counseling support, career guidance and skill enhancement through a one on one counseling session in a safe and confidential setting.

The centre is fully equipped with two full time counselors who work for the upliftment of student's abilities and cope with personal issues.

Beyond the main objective of counseling, the centre also extends its services to students through organizing workshops, seminar, short term courses, career camps and guest lectures.

Courses and Workshops

Personal Grooming & Personality Enhancement Course.
The Career and Personal Counseling Center organizes a 3 day course on Personal Grooming & Personality Enhancement. The course is held during Diwali and Christmas vacation. The course covers aspects like grooming, lifestyle management, public speaking, telephone etiquette, table etiquette, posture, personality enhancement, diet and fitness,

A certificate is issued to those completing the course satisfactorily. Those interested in the course can register their names at the centre or download and fill the form given below. .

Career Guidance Camps and Workshops.
The workshop is designed to help students gain information on perspective careers by inviting experts to provide first hand information to students in subject specific areas. This is followed by aptitude test conducted on all students to guide them in choosing a career closest to their skills and abilities.

Seminars and Guest lectures.
Career talks and seminars are organized for students inviting an expert to deliver a lecture related to different area. These talks and seminars provide a platform to students to understand and discuss on subjects specific to the seminar.

Upcoming events
July 10/7/18 to 26/7/18 Career guidance for all T.Y. students Ms. Kimberly Mascarenhas
August 11/8/18 Study Habits workshop and Career guidance HSSC Ms. Kimberly Mascarenhas
August 24/8/18 Study Habits workshop and Career guidance HSSC Ms. Kimberly Mascarenhas
September 8/9/18 Guest Lecture Ms. Sharmila Menezes
October 6/10/18 Workshop on Effective Study Habits for Chowgule college students Ms. Kimberly Mascarenhas
November 15/11/18 to 17/11/18 Personal Grooming and Personality enhancement course Ms. Sharmila Menezes
December 6/12/18 Guest Lecture Ms. Sharmila Menezes
January 11/1/19 Workshop on Education prospects for studying abroad Ms. Sharmila Menezes
February 22/2/19 Talk on coping strategies for Anxiety and Stress Ms. Kimberly Mascarenhas
April 18/4/19 to 20/4/19 Career Camp Ms. Sharmila Menezes & Ms. Kimberly Mascarenhas
Contact us

- Ms. Sharmila Menezes(Career Counselor)
- Ms. Kimberley Mascarenhas.(Personal Counselor)

Our location

Career and Personal counseling Centre,
Student Support Services,
Computer Science Block, Top Floor
Extension No: 0832-2722215